Durham Central Park is a city owned park and is managed, developed and sustained by DCP, Inc. The City of Durham mows the lawns and picks up the trash. All other maintenance, improvements and management of DCP is paid for by donations as well as program income and rental income. The folks below make it all happen!

Durham Central Park, Inc., is a 501( c)(3) organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.



Erin Kauffman, Executive Director

Tess Mangum Ocaña, Assistant to Executive Director

2015 Executive Committee

  • Morgan Haynes, President (2015)
  • Mark Branly, Vice President (2016)
  • Becky Hacker, Secretary (2016)
  • Courtney James, Treasurer (2016)
  • Lee Ann Tilley, Past Pres (2015)
  • Dan Jewell, At-large (2015)
  • Sarah Artz, At-large (2015)
  • Ben Weber, At-large (2016)

Board – Class of 2015

  • Alice Alexander
  • Diane Catotti
  • Sam Miglarese
  • Bryson Powell
  • Troy Smith
  • Alice Sharpe
  • Sioux Watson
  • Allen Wilcox

Board – Class of 2016

  • Vera Whisenton
  • Hank Majestic, PhD
  • Leon Grodski de Barrera
  • David Miller
  • Matt Gladdek
  • Tom Dawson
  • Kenny Dalsheimer
  • Charlotte Chapman
  • Ellen Cassilly


Curtis Eshelman  (Emeritus)