Stretch the good vibes of the season with our second Summer Food Truck Rodeo of 2014! Bring a blanket or a lawn chair so that you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable Durham afternoon with friends and family.


hertz-g1Powered by Hertz


Thanks to Hertz’s Entertainment Division you are able to enjoy all the sounds and smells of the rodeo without being overwhelmed by the noise and fumes of dozens of generators.  Email Hertz or call 919-412-0530 to see how they can help power your next party




Check the Food Truck Rodeo FAQ


Need Help While You’re Here?


dcpRRDurham Central Park will have a table at the corner of Hunt and Foster to answer any question you may have.  And you can always ask one of our Rodeo Rowdies who will be walking the grounds.

When Are The Other 2014 Food Truck Rodeos?

Only one more: Sunday, November 2, 12:30-4:30 p.m.

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