Meals from the Market: Old North Durham: Sip, Savour and Laugh

Three years in, the brothers and hosts are excited to turn heads and palettes.  Expect nothing less than the whimsical wine and creative pairing from past years.   An evening with Chef Sam Papinakas and Sommellier Yianni Papinakas carrying the … Continued

Cost: 125

Durham Farmers’ Market

The Pavilion at Durham Central Park, home of the Farmers’ Market, was largely completed in 2006, through the generosity of Durham Central Park, the City of Durham, Self-Help, and local businesses and individuals. Come sample and take home the freshest, … Continued

Meals from the Market: An Iberian Garden Party

Anabela and Rune want to treat you to the sights, sounds and tastes of Portugal and Spain! We will see images from Portugal, listen to classic guitar themes of famous Spanish composers, offered by DSA guitar students, and there will … Continued

Cost: 35

Meals from the Market: A Southern Italian Family-style Feast

Southern Italy has so much. Vineyards and olive groves that stretch to the horizon. Abundant citrus, livestock, high-quality local cheeses. Pasta, beans, frutti di mare. The region reaps culinary benefits from a history of invaders that introduced flavors from Greece, … Continued

Cost: 80