What Providing Space for Community Means

Your support of Durham Central Park is essential to the social, physical, environmental, emotional, and economic health of the Downtown Durham community and beyond.

What do we mean by that? What does a physical piece of land in Durham’s backyard do to help us all thrive? A safe, outdoor gathering space is an essential public services, a reflection of the quality of life in a community. Durham Central Park is a meeting place where:

How does Durham Central Park Inc. help these 5 Acres make a difference?

DCP Inc. maintains, programs, funds Durham Central Park – which encompasses an unending list of projects and community services four seasons and 365 days a year.


As a Friends of the Park non-profit organization, DCP Inc. raises money through donations, grant support, and corporate sponsorship to meet the needs of this essential, dynamic space in downtown. You may know that our small organization is a city-owned park, but Durham Central Park Inc. does not receive city funds to:

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How Can I Help?

Help us reach our 2022 fundraising goal! We have so much more planned for next year, and we can accomplish these goals with your help!

We invite you to become a part of the dynamic, ever-changing, and fulfilling work that we do. You can help us financially by:

We hope you will realize your contributions don’t just maintain, but foster and nourish the facilities and grounds. Your dollars go not just to program, but to galvanize our community making way for joy, enterprise, and art. Your gift isn’t just to fund, but to invest in the social, economic, environmental, and physical health of our community.