Durham Central Park’s annual Cardinal Campaign is our year-end fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to for the Park’s 2020 annual operating fund. The operating fund will support the following efforts in 2020:
  • Maintenance and management of the park land and facilities
  • Providing free and inclusive programming

  • Increasing recreation and play opportunities

  • Engaging with the community in order to be the best advocate for protecting and improving the park land

  • Updating the DCP master plan to ensure that Durham Central Park’s infrastructure can handle the park’s future use and remains a welcoming, fun and unique gathering space in the heart of downtown Durham

Every week, thousands of people visit Durham Central Park for a myraid of reasons; fresh food, entertainment, exercise, recreation, relaxation or as a meeting place. The Park provides a space for creativity in our community and plays a key role in shaping the culture and identity of Durham.

Please join in our efforts to support and sustain Durham Central Park by donating today: https://durhamcentralpark.org/donate/