Durham Central Park Wants to Hear Your Ideas!

We are hosting three brainstorming sessions open to the public to learn what Durham Central Park can do in the coming years to improve the park and better serve the community.

Durham Central Park works hard to be a downtown destination where everyone feels welcome. As we make plans for the future, our park patrons’ opinions and ideas are important. We are hosting three public open house meetings that anyone is welcome to attend. We look forward to bouncing ideas off one another and learning more about what the community is looking for in this five acre greenspace! These meetings will be conducted by Durham Central Park and McAdams for three days: August 13th, 14th, and 15th from 4-6 pm.


Why do we want to hear your thoughts?

As Durham Central Park Inc. makes a plan for the park’s future, we want to make sure we are serving the Durham Community as best as possible. This means hearing from the public about what more they want to see from:

  • the physical five-acre greenspace
  • the programming DCP has to offer
  • the opportunities and challenges of this unique downtown community gathering point

Dream Your Biggest Dream

Durham Central Park would be a very different place without the patrons, volunteers, vendors, non-profit partners, business sponsors, and most important the everyday people who love and appreciate the space in the many and varied ways it can be. Help us improve Durham Central Park to meet Durham’s needs by sharing your ideas! We want you to join us, dream your biggest dream and let it soar!

Opportunities to Participate

See You In The Park!

So much of what we are proud of and love to do at the park take time, energy, and money. We work hard to bring joy to the space and your support is so crucial to that effort! Your contributions means the world to us, so consider making a donation today! You can donate on our website at durhamcentralpark.org/donate or send a check to PO Box 1526 Durham, NC 27702. Our work as a small two person non-profit team is truly something of an accomplishment when you consider that DCP Inc does not receive city funding.

There are so many ways to be a Friend of the Park, and we’re grateful to each and every one of you for your support!