Waste Reduction and GreenToGo!

In 2016, during our Food Truck Rodeos, we have successfully diverted more than 8000lbs of waste from the landfill by including composting and recycling options! But, it’s not a matter of providing additional cans…

  • Food trucks that come to our rodeos do not use Styrofoam for serving, which means that most of the serving items are either compostable or recyclable
  • Waste warrior volunteers staff the stations to help customers divide up their waste into the proper bins
  • Food Truck Rodeo customers are interested in reducing their waste while enjoying great food
  • We have developed relationships with like-minded organizations, like Keep Durham Beautiful, Food FWD, and Don’t Waste Durham who have helped to make this waste reduction project happen

greentogoKDB, Food FWD and Don’t Waste Durham work on waste reduction in many ways. But, right now, Don’t Waste Durham is working to revolutionize how Durham does take out by introducing a reusable take-out container called the GreenToGo Box! DWD is in the final stretch of a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground. Please consider supporting our partners in continuing to reduce waste in our lovely city!

GreenToGo is a community-owned trash solution that lets people check in and check out boxes which are washed and sanitized in commercial dishwashers. This program is already succeeding in Portland and San Francisco – we want Durham to be the first city on the East Coast!

But this campaign is much bigger than just to-go boxes in Durham, NC. DWD is developing an effective reuse model for our community and for the OTHER communities where they can bring the program next – Raleigh, DC, NYC, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro! DWD is on the front lines of planting the seeds of change in people’s hearts and minds to think reuse instead of single-use disposables. Reuse is the future! So if you support the idea of reuse – even in PRINCIPLE alone – please back Durham GreenToGo!