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What do you call an Octoberfest with a southern twist?  It’s a Southtoberfest!

Seasoned “Meals from the Market” party-planners – the Jewells, Wiehes and Wolffs –  are back hosting a fun evening in Trinity Park. Once again they will be combining their cooking, canning, brewing, and baking skills to produce a delicious meal in a festive residential setting.  Their parties are known for amusing ice-breaker games and great conversation. Join in!

Hosts: Dan and Chris Jewell, Kevin and Meg Wiehe, Mike and Sarah Wolff

1025 Gloria Avenue, Trinity Park

6:30 pm


Guests: 24

Dress: Casual

Menu: Home-brewed beers, pretzels with pimento cheese, pork-schnitzel sliders, sausage medley, cucumber salad, collard-kraut, sweet-potato dumplings, mac-and-cheese spaetzle, Cheerwine Black Forest cake, apple caramel bars


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