Application Info for DCP Food Truck Rodeos

Durham Central Park (DCP) has been hosting Food Truck Rodeos since 2010.  DCP presents 3-5 rodeos per year that feature dozens of food trucks and breweries. These events draw thousands of eaters from all over. 

Durham Central Park is a non-profit organization that operates a 5 acre city park in the heart of downtown Durham. A committee of DCP staff and board members organize and market these Food Truck Rodeos. These events are run by a non-profit organization and the rodeos directly benefit DCP.

Vendor Requirements

In order to participate in DCP’s Food Truck Rodeos, the following is required of our vendors:

  • All Food Trucks must be based within 50 miles of Durham Central Park
  • Have a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Permit
  • Have a Street Vendor Registration Permit from the City of Durham (this is required for all food trucks that operate in Durham. You can read more about it in Durham’s Food Truck Startup Roadmap.)
  • Prepare all of the food themselves and serve it out of their truck, trailer or cart., 
  • All breweries must be based in Durham, brew their own beer, cider, etc and have and ABC permit.
  • All vendors must be independently owned and operated, we do not allow franchises or chains.

Due to limited space in the park, we are able to accommodate around 30-40 trucks and 5-7 breweries per rodeo. We work to ensure that there is a diverse mix of cuisines at each event. We have over 100 trucks on our roster and we aim to invite each truck on our roster to one or more rodeo per year.

If you fit this criteria and are interested in being considered to attend future rodeos, please read the DCP Food Truck Rodeo Rules and fill out the application below. 

If you are a local brewery, please fill out this application.