Thank you for your interest in Durham Central Park’s Food Truck Rodeos!

Durham Central Park has been hosting Food Truck Rodeos since 2010. We hold 5 rodeos a year that feature over 50 local food trucks and draw in thousands of eaters from all over the area. Our rodeos highlight local food vendors from the Triangle that are MOBILE and have a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Permit. ALL vendors must prepare the foods themselves and serve it out of a truck, trailer, etc!

Durham Central Park is a non-profit organization that operates a 5 acre park in the heart of downtown Durham. Our rodeos were created with the following goals in mind:

  • To promote and support the local food truck industry
  • To promote, support, and fundraise for Durham Central Park
  • To help realize DCP’s goal of creating a sustainable park that engages the Durham community
  • To create a space where the community can eat, taste, enjoy, and support the vibrant local food truck industry

A committee of volunteers and DCP staff organize and promote these Food Truck Rodeos. These events are run by a non-profit organization and the rodeos directly benefit Durham Central Park. When organizing the rodeos, the committee makes decisions democratically.

Participating in DCP’s Food Truck Rodeos is highly competitive. There is a limited amount of space and we are only able to accommodate around 50 trucks per rodeo. Each year, we pre-plan the majority of the line-ups for our 5 rodeos in advance. We have made sure to leave several slots open in order to accommodate new trucks and trucks that have not been able to participate often. Factors that are considered when choosing the line up for the DCP Food Truck Rodeos include, but are not limited to: sanitation grade, being a full time food truck, ownership that is reflective of Durham’s diverse community, involvement in the local food truck community throughout the Triangle, and creating a balance in the variety of the trucks at a rodeo.

In order to be considered for our rodeos, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have wheels and be mobile (truck, trailer, minivan, cart, trike or bike)
  • Have a Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Permit from your local health department or be permitted through the NCDA
  • Have a Street Vendor Registration Receipt from the City of Durham.
  • Be based within 50 miles of Durham Central Park (501 Foster Street)
  • Be an independently owned business (we do not allow franchises or chains)

Durham Central Park’s Food Truck Rodeos are privately run events and not all applicants will be accepted to participate in the rodeos.

If you fit the criteria and are interested in being considered to attend future rodeos, please fill out the form below.