Photo courtesy Frank Konhaus
Photo courtesy Frank Konhaus

Interested in Hosting a Meal from the Market?

Here’s how it works.

You set the date, time, location and number of guests. Price can be suggested. Meals bring in anywhere from $600 to $6,000 in total. It can be a breakfast, brunch or supper on any day of the week in September or October.

Try to come up with a “hook” to attract ticket sales. This could be a unique menu, location, entertainment or theme. We’ll help you come up with a catchy title. Be prepared to host guests you have never met before. Be prepared to strong arm your friends in case your meal’s ticket sales are slow or other, more established meals sell out quickly.

You donate all the expenses involved. So, it helps to get co-hosts. In the end, DCP can prepare a tax letter for your in-kind donation. All ticket sales go directly to DCP.

Don’t think your meal has to be extravagant. Keep it to a size that will be manageable and fun for you to produce.

The Meals calendar needs to be set by early May and then details can be fleshed out. We need basic information for the brochure and details can be added later to the website after the brochure print deadline in August. Many meals have sold with no specific menu advertised while others are meticulously detailed.
In mid-August DCP gives hosts two days’ advance notice to give their friends first chance to purchase tickets. (They can also be the first to purchase tickets to others’ meals.) Ticket sales are primarily on the DCP web site but email requests can reserve tickets with a mailed check to follow.

DCP maintains the guest list and will send hosts updates as sales progress. You will be notified when your meal sells out and tickets are no longer available. If we oversell by accident you will have the final say if they can come or we refund their money. You will receive an excel spreadsheet with all of the guests and their email addresses. You will then be asked to send a personal email to welcome them, remind them of the details, and give them any directions.

DCP will provide materials and designate a person to give a shout out to the work of DCP, Inc, during the meal.

For more information, contact:

Lee Ann Tilley – Board volunteer
[email protected]