DCP Info Table

Why should I help at the DCP Info Table?

Durham Central Park , its events and programming is solely planned and implemented by volunteers; the only way the park can keep hosting fun events is through the work of volunteers. One of the best ways we can inform visitors of what’s going on and how they can get involved is by talking to them at the Farmer’s Market during market hours.


What should I wear to a table day?

Seasonally appropriate, comfortable clothing. Make sure to wear your DCP t-shirt if you have one!


Should I bring anything with me to the table?

Sunscreen, bug repellant, a hat, water, a snack, and optimism!


What are the most common issues?

Getting the table and canopy tent in place can be a challenge without help. We are lucky in that both Erin Kauffman and Shanna Bierman are always willing to help us get set up.


Will food and water be provided?

Unfortunately, no. Please feel free to bring some money and during your shift take a break to get a snack from the many farmers’ market vendors.


Will I have to talk to people?

Yes! This is the most important task for this job. As an ambassador of DCP you will need to answer visitor’s questions in a cheerful way. It is also expected that you ask a table visitor to get involved in the park. A sign-up sheet will be at the table for them to leave their information.


Are bathrooms available?

Public bathrooms are available in the Park pavilion.


How many hours do I have to commit to help out at the table?

The farmer’s market lasts 4 hours, generally 8am-12pm. We would like all volunteers to arrive at the market open or a little before to get the table and tent set up before the opening bell is rung, stay for the duration of the market, and then after the market help fold up the table and tent and put the table supplies back in the pavilion storage room.


What ages is this work best suited for?

Ages 16 and up are welcome to work at the table. The park will do its best to create a pair of volunteers for each shift that will have a range of experience between them to satisfactorily answer visitor’s questions.


What types of questions do you usually get during the market?

Where are the bathrooms?

In the corner of the pavilion.

Where is the nearest ATM?

There is an ATM at the Foster Street entrance of the Pavilion. There are also ATMs at the Latino Cooperativo near the McDonald’s, the Triangle Food Mart (Trinity and Foster Streets) and the Courtyard Mariott lobby.

Where can I find a map of the trucks?


What is Durham Central Park?

The answer you seek is here.

How can I rent the pavilion?

Visit our website or contact Ann Alexander.

Who maintains the gardens?

Volunteers and partner organizations.

What are the upcoming events?

A calendar of events is on the website.

How can I get involved?

Fill out volunteer sign-up sheet or go to durhamcentralpark.org/volunteer.

How much are t-shirts?

T-shirts are gifted to those who make a donation of $15 or more.