We have updated the Non-Profit Booth Policy. Please read through the new policy (below). We are not currently accepting applications for Non-Profit Booths at this time.

Sister Cities Grove Non-Profit Booth Policy

On Saturday mornings, during the hours of the Durham Farmers’ Market, Durham Central Park allows a limited number of non-profit organizations to have information tables in the park’s Sister Cities Grove area. In order to maintain the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the market as well as provide non-profit groups the opportunity to share their message with the community, we have developed policies for this space.

A DCP staff member is on site every Saturday to ensure that the policies are followed, questions answered, and to help when needed.


  1. Only 501c3 non-profit organizations may have tables/booths. In order to qualify, we require that you show your 501c3 status documentation.
  2. Durham Central Park allows up to 2 non-profit organization booths per Saturday.
  3. Each non-profit organization may have a booth up to 2 times during the calendar year.
  4. A non-profit booth is maximum 10x10ft. Your table, display, etc. should fit into that area.
  5. No tables, chairs or tents are provided by Durham Central Park. The non-profit organization needs to bring all of those items for their booth.
  6. The locations for the booths are on the DCP Non-Profit Booth Map. Organizations may not set up anywhere besides these two designated locations.
  7. We do not allow substitutions or sharing of non-profit booths.
  8. Organizations may set up their booths no more than 30 minutes before the market opens (7:30am). Please be aware that farmers and crafters will be setting up at this time and you must stay out of their way. You may not drive up to your space, you must walk all of your items in.
  9. Organizations may stay until the market ends at 12:00pm and must be cleaned up and gone by 12:30pm.
  10. Organization representatives must stay in their booth area. They may not stand on the sidewalk passing material out to market patrons who are walking by.
  11. Hawking and soliciting are not allowed.
  12. To signup, a representative from the interested non-profit organization must fill out the form on the DCP website a minimum of 2 weeks before the date that they are interested in. A DCP staff member will respond and confirm a date.
  13. The booth fee is $25 per week, per organization. The fee can be paid by check or credit card.
  14. Amplification of any sort is not allowed.
  15. Organizations may accept donations.
  16. Nothing may be sold by the non-profit organizations.
  17. No food, crafts, or other items that compete with the DFM or Craft Market vendors may be given away.
  18. Organizations may give away information about their mission and programs. They may give away items that promote/advertise their organization. If an organization wants to give away any items that are beyond information, the items must be approved by DCP staff beforehand.
  19. Durham Central Park, Inc. reserves the right to suspend the Non-Profit Booth Program at any time with no notice. In the event of suspension of the program, all money for paid dates following the program suspension will be refunded.


As guests of Durham Central Park and Durham Farmers’ Market, all organizations and people representing the organizations must follow this code of conduct:

Code of Conduct

  • Represent and conduct oneself in an appropriate, business-like manner
  • Treat community members, Durham Central Park & Durham Farmers’ Market staff, vendors, volunteers and patrons with courtesy, respect, and understanding
  • Obscene or profane language, shouting, yelling and/or screaming is forbidden
  • Failure to follow this code of conduct will result in being asked to leave and your group will not be welcome to return.
  • If a problem arises, notify DCP staff member immediately