The popularity of Durham Central Park (DCP) and the Durham Farmers’ Market (DFM) has grown substantially through the years. As a result, lots of people and groups want to take part in the fun.

On Saturday mornings, Durham Central Park allows a limited number of nonprofit organization to have information tables in the park’s Sister Cities Grove area during the hours of the Durham Farmers’ Market. In order to maintain the relaxing and casual atmosphere of the market as well as provide nonprofit groups the opportunity to share their message with the community that attends the Durham Farmers’ Market, we have developed policies for this space.

The following procedures outline the specifics of this policy. Recognizing that any policy is only as good as its adherence, so DCP staffer Bryce Northington is on site every Saturday to ensure that the policies are maintained, answer any questions, and help when needed.


Who is allowed to have a table/booth?

Only non-profit and not-for-profit organizations may have tables/booths in this area on Saturday mornings. We do not allow political campaigns or girl scout cookie sales.

What should you bring?

We only provide a space on the grass. You need to bring table, chair(s) and any items you want to display.

Where can you set up a booth?

You can setup your booth or table anywhere between the sandbox and Foster street. Here is a map of possible locations: DCP Non-Profit Booth Spaces Map

What are the constraints about giving or selling things at the nonprofit booths?

Nothing may be sold by the nonprofits. Nothing that competes with the farmers or the crafters (i.e. food or crafts) shall be given away. Things that advertise your organization (t-shirts, raffle tickets, bumper stickers, etc) are permissible to give away for free or by asking for a suggested
donation. If you are planning to have items to give away, you must have them approved beforehand.

How many times a month can one organization be at the park?

Each organization may be at the park twice a month. If spots open up on other weeks, DCP Inc. will have the option to contact groups who might want to fill in the empty spots that week.

How should an organization sign up and pay for the spot?

A representative from the interested nonprofit should contact the DCP, Inc. office by sending in a completed ‘terms of use’ form no later than 2 weeks before the date they want to be at the park.

When you are contacted that you have a space, a $25 payment should be sent to DCP, Inc. to hold the spot.

When may you set up your table and how long can you stay?

You may set up 30 minutes before the market opens. Please be aware that the farmers/crafters will be setting up and you must stay out of their way.

You may stay until the market ends and must be gone 30 minutes after the market ends.

How big can your table/booth be at the park?

You will be able to have a 10ft x 10ft tent if desired. Your table, display, etc. should be able to fit in that area.

How much does it cost to have a booth?

To have a booth at the park on Saturday mornings in the Sister Cities Grove, the cost per week is $25 per organization per table.

If it rains, do we get a refund or a ‘rain date’?

Unfortunately, refunds are not given in case of rain. Nor can we offer a rain date. Sorry.


How many tables will be allowed to set up each Saturday in the Sister Cities Grove?

Up to 5 tables/booths plus the Durham Central Park, Inc. booth. There may be days during the year when no tables will be allowed to set up.