All are welcome in Durham Central Park!

Please observe the following rules to help keep the park safe and clean for everyone.


  • Park Hours: Dawn-Dusk
  • Smoking, including E-Cigarettes, in Prohibited on Park Property (Sec 17-3)
  • No Pets Off Leash (City Sec 4-86)
  • Pet Owners Must Pick up After their Pets (City Sec 4-140)
  • No Alcoholic Beverages without Proper Permits (Sec 38-21)
  • No Entry After Park is Closed without proper permits (Sec 38-8)
  • Do Not Remove Locks or Barricades (Sec 38-8)
  • Do Not Hit Golf Balls or Fly Model Airplanes (Sec 38-9, 11)
  • Do Not Dump Trash or Rubbish (Sec 38-12)
  • No Outdoor Concerts or Performances without Permit (Sec 38-14)
  • No Motorized Vehicles Off Pavement (Sec 26-232)