Durham’s Waterline Replacement Project Runs through the Park


Street Closures and Big Machines!

For the past couple of weeks, the portion of Foster Street that runs through Durham Central Park has been closed. If you have had a chance to stroll through the park, you probably saw all the  excavators, backhoes, dump trucks, giant holes, big dirt piles, and stacks of pipes. So, you may be wondering, “What is happening?!”

Waterline Replacement Underway

During the last several years, the City of Durham has been working on a massive waterline replacement project all through downtown. This winter, the replacement is barreling through Durham Central Park.  For the next month or so, crews will be diligently working to upgrade the hundred+ year-old infrastructure with a new, modern piping system and the streets around the park (and a part of the park) will be torn up.  


 If you come to the park during the month of February to play, walk, eat or enjoy the Durham Farmers’ Market, you will notice a big hole in the ground in the grassy area to the north of the pavilion (the home of the Durham Craft Market). You will also notice that several trees have come out in the process. Sadly, the trees that made up the Sister Cities Grove were planted right over a huge storm drain in need of replacement. In the coming months, DCP, Inc. will be working with Durham’s Sister Cities organization to identify new trees to replace those that were lost. As soon as we can, we will plant new ones out of the path of underground utilities. Additionally, on March 2nd, we will be working with Durham’s Urban Forestry Department to plant 25 new trees on the east side of the park!


Come Check It Out!

All of this work in the park is projected to be finished by early March. In order to stay on schedule, the crews will likely be working on the weekends (outside of farmers’ market hours). So, if you (or your kids) love to watch big machines hard at work, we highly recommend scheduling a visit to the park very soon! It’s not often that you get such a great view of so many machines! Climb up on Mount Merrill for the best view.

Finally, we can’t thank the City, the engineers, and the workers enough for timing this portion of the waterline replacement project for the middle of winter. We are glad that they are getting things upgraded and we are also looking forward to the park being put back together in the spring. And THANK YOU so much for your patience with this process!