What’s the Scoop?

New Pet Waste Scooping Stations in the Park!

We know, we know, this is not the most glamorous park update imaginable.

But hear us out – as a public park that is managed, funded, and programmed by a 501c3 non-profit, we have a ton of regular maintenance that goes into ensuring a safe and enjoyable space where everyone is welcome. This means we spend a lot of time fundraising and working with local community partners to bring about new infrastructure that may not be as thrilling as our double-header Labor Day Weekend coming up!

Nevertheless we are still excited when we can install a feature in the park that helps us continue our mission of providing space for community! And we cannot be more grateful to Broadway Veterinary Hospital for providing Durham Central Park with stations equipped with FREE pet waste bags! When you walk your dog through the park, you’ll find the newest station at the corner of Roney St and Corporation St just down the tree line behind the Durham Central Park Pavilion.

Feel free to use these bags to help keep the park clean and waste-free. Pet waste contains a ton of excess nutrients and bacteria. In addition to it just being downright gross, when pet waste run-off into Ellerbe Creek (the waterway that runs through DCP!), it can lead to excessive aquatic plant blooms, which means depletion of oxygen in the water. When water becomes deprived of oxygen it can create a harsh environment for aquatic life, and that is not good for our environment, our drinking water, and our ecosystems! Scoop the poop with one of our new bags and do your part to keep the waterways clean!

A Huge Thank You To Broadway Veterinary Clinic!

As a nonprofit organization, Durham Central Park fundraises for every bit of maintenance work we put in to keep the park safe for anyone to visit. Supporters like you are the reason DCP continues to be a recreation destination for friends and families to enjoy year-round. If you’d like to support our work, click here to make a donation today.