Merrill opening Dec. 6

Photo courtesy of Jill Knight, News & Observer

What is Mount Merrill?

Mount Merrill is a new interactive children’s play area at the eastern side of the park, adjacent to the Leaf. It is an ADA-accessible climbing mound that offers the following features:

  1. 2 Slides—the Little Slide and the Big Slide
  2. Climbing Net
  3. Amphitheater Seating
  4. The Ramp Up
  5. A “Look-out!” Area
  6. Boulder Climb
  7. Sculptural Art

Fundraising Goal

Our goal for the Mount Merrill fundraising campaign was $200,000. This figure includes the cost of construction as well as a maintenance fund to keep it in good shape. We met this goal through more than 550 donations, from $1 to $25,000.


Why the Name?

The name honors the memory of a dear friend of the Park who died in a tragic car accident.  Merrill Davis was the always-helpful guy from our neighborhood nursery and garden store, Stone Brothers and Byrd.  Merrill was there seeding the first lawn at the Pavilion back when there were hardly any folks walking on it. His wedding in 2009 was one of the first weddings in the Pavilion.

Merrill was a tireless fundraiser for the Durham Exchange Club, whose focus is to benefit children in the Durham area. “Mt. Merrill” is the perfect name for an attraction that will draw children and families from throughout the community.



Mt. Merrill was designed by Tributary Land Design. We are thankful for their wonderful work!